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For Sale: Check out our new (old) cars!
This is a great opportunity to get your own piece of Lusse history!
There are a limited number of ORIGINAL bumper cars left in the world, and even fewer
of the real heavy duty, all metal body models from the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s.

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1941 Auto Skooter Illustration


From time to time, visitors that see our web site have their own classic bumper cars to sell.
Our private party classifieds section brings sellers and buyers together. All potential buyers communicate
directly with the sellers.
If you are interested in the chance to show and sell your car online with us, please contact:


For Sale by Owner: 1947 Lusse Auto Skooter
Original and Unrestored

    The body is all metal, very solid throughout. Have new lights and all detail pieces.
    Located in Salt Lake City, Utah area / zip code 84129. The perfect project car.

    Interested parties should contact Ray Merrill for more details at:
    Email: raymerrill5@msn.com

Orange 47-1
Orange 47-2

Orange 47-3-2

Orange 47-4
Orange 47-5
Orange 47-6

For Sale by Owner: 1947 Lusse Auto Skooter

Stored for many years in original condition prior to recent restoration work. Wood floor found to be in excellent condition with no rot prior to new paint work. Original aluminum grille, hood ornament and trim. Original stock upholstery. All metal body is complete and in excellent condition. Original serial number plate (ID # 10040) under seat. This car has less than 2 hours of driving since it was restored.

Work done: Body off restoration (paint work /12v conversion) done. Original floor, interior and exterior metal body painted in “Hot Rod Red” – extra left over paint available for touch-ups. New 12 volt conversion kit installed. Custom installed under-seat new battery charger and control panel with on/off switches for easy access and charging. Not done: Upholstery repair on seat – preparation for repair was begun but not performed, so the seat back and panel are loose (not bolted on).

Visible damage: Original glass headlight lenses, one has a single crack in lens. Four inch tear in original seat upholstery material.

Not shown but parts are included: Original (unpainted) steel bumper band, stock motor (replaced with 12 volt conversion motor).

Asking price: $7,500 USD. Shipping cost not included in asking price but may be negotiable. All crating and shipping arrangements are the responsibility of buyer. Location of Auto Skooter is in Georgetown, Illinois, 61846.

Please contact the owner directly for all questions and purchase negotiations.

Doug Thoma








Lusse Auto Scooters For Sale!


1953 Autoskooter ~ All Original Project Car

Item #C2     
Please contact for price

53 no orn-026

1953 Lusse Autoskooter
Hood bird is missing, have new part.

53 no orn-028 53 no orn-023
53 no orn-027

1959 Dodgem Bumper Car ~ Completely restored fiberglass body

Item #004
Please contact for price

1959 Dodgem restored fiberglass

Lusse Fiberglass Body Bumper Cars

Item #007
Please contact for price

1959 Lusse fiberglass body with running gear.

1959 lusse red-white pic 4 1959 lusse red-white pic 10
1959 lusse red-white pic 2 1959 lusse red-white pic 3

Item #008
Please contact for price

1972 Lusse fiberglass body Euro Model.
Complete with running gear.

1972 lusse white pic 1 1972 lusse white pic 2 1972 lusse white pic 3 1972 lusse white pic 4

Please note: From time to time, as sales occur the listings will change.
Items no longer listed are not available for sale.



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